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Outdoor advertising is one of the most effective forms of advertising today. It is a communication channel in which advertising messages flow continuously 24 hours a day. In today's busy lifestyle people are generally on the move, out in the open, and advertising messages sent through the usual channels to potential target groups are received very selectively. As a communication medium, outdoor advertising is the right solution for advertising messages to reach the largest possible number of consumers.

Direct impact

The advantage of outdoor advertising is its direct impact on media consumers.
Outdoor advertising uses several kinds of products depending on the desired purpose, effect and message that are to be conveyed to media consumers. There are billboards, citylights, backlights, bigboards, megaboards, wallscapes/openwaves. Each of these are suitable for implementing specific solutions, whether they are extensions (2D, 3D), wraps, visual effects, light effects, or interactive solutions.


When we are on the move, travelling on public transportation or in our cars, or when we are walking, advertising surfaces enter the field of vision of every passerby. Good creative solutions, while respecting the rules of creating ads for outdoor advertising, will surely be noticed by each consumer of outdoor advertising media.
The advantages of outdoor advertising are visibility, coverage and efficiency:

  • visibility – outdoor ads do not require a special type of engagement, unlike other media, they are simply present, ready to be viewed outside the home. You don’t have to watch television or listen to the radio, you will always notice them
  • coverage – versatility and usability of public surfaces and the possibility of a wide use of transport advertising result in exceptional coverage and a large number of outdoor ads
  • efficiency – outdoor ads with their visibility, quantity and size of advertising space help make quicker and easier contact with target audiences, making this type of advertising extremely efficient