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Large format

Large formats are all advertising surfaces larger than 25 m2.
There are several formats within the specified categories: bigboard, megaboard, trivision, wallscape, backlight and open wave.


  • the advantages are its size and placement along expressways at the entrances and exits of larger cities
  • all surfaces are illuminated
  • surface areas range between 50 m2 and 60 m2


  • average surface is around 105 m2
  • illuminated and placed along highways


  • displays a variety of advertising content in one location
  • illuminated


  • impressive size that attracts attention
  • illuminated
  • the surface depends on the available surface of the building facade


  • advertising surface larger than 12m2 with back illumination

Why a large format?

  • ideal for corporate advertising campaigns over a longer period
  • suitable for innovative solutions of different formats
  • ideal for premium brands