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For over 25 years, we have created the modern and vibrant visual identity of cities. In partnership with city administrations, we realize our business ideas for mutual satisfaction. Our business model is based on investing and setting up street furniture by providing outdoor advertising services.


We are able to implement international knowledge and experience in the development and production of modern street furniture in cities throughout Croatia.

  • We offer cities technologically innovative street furniture such as bus and tram shelters with integrated smart benches and citylight showcases, freestanding citylight and citylight plus showcases and advertising columns.
  • We invest in city budgets through lease contracts for public areas for setting up street furniture. 
  • We are involved in investment and maintenance of street furniture. 


We recognize the growing demands of citizens for modern public services and meet their expectations by technologically advancing our products. By introducing Smart City solutions such as Bluetooth, citylight plus with directions, smart benches with Wi-Fi routers and USB chargers, and solar power supply of bigboards, we offer:

  • a vital source of public information
  • a platform for dynamic and interactive communication with citizens
  • sustainable growth of cities


We are a socially responsible company that actively participates in promoting and raising awareness of the importance of Croatian heritage and culture in general. We are actively involved in various events in the field of culture, sport and education. For example, we successfully cooperate with the Museum of Arts and Crafts - MUO, the Art Pavilion in Zagreb, we support the Terry Fox Run, Wings For Life and other sports events. In the field of humanitarian projects, we work with the Croatian Red Cross, UNICEF and various humanitarian nonprofit organizations.

With regard to social responsibility, working with cities as partners, Europlakat d.o.o. uses some of its citylight advertising cases to promote Croatian culture and heritage.

Culture citylight

  • Culture citylight shows exhibitions, theater performances and other individual events from cultural and public life.

Citylight with architectural and historical heritage and informative citylight

  • Unique citylight showcases, placed in cities such as Split, Zadar, Pula and Šibenik, present visually and literally a historical heritage of these cities and provide general information about them.

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