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Metropolis Media d.o.o. and Full Time d.o.o. merged into Europlakat d.o.o.


With the acquisition of the company Megaboard d.o.o., Europlakat secures new advertising surfaces on bigboards.



Europlakat d.o.o. acquires Full Time d.o.o., the leading company at the time in advertising on bigboard advertising columns


Europlakat d.o.o. acquires Metropolis Media d.o.o., the second largest outdoor advertising company in Croatia expanding its offer to bigboard and wallscape advertising surfaces.
After reconciliation with the standards of Europlakat d.o.o., Metropolis Media d.o.o. will record significant profit increase in 2007.


Europlakat-Proreklam d.o.o. maintains its existing ownership structure – 51% ownership by Europlakat International / Gewista / JCDecaux and 49% by Ankünder GmbH.


Strategically through Gewista – Werbegesellschaft GmbH from Vienna Europlakat-Proreklam d.o.o. becomes a partner of JCDecaux SA Group, the world market leader in outdoor advertising. This business maneuver opens the possibility to introduce high-quality standards combining Austrian-Swiss-French Know-How.


Europlakat-Proreklam d.o.o. changes its company name to Europlakat d.o.o.


Gewista GmbH acquires on behalf of JCDecaux SA shares from the Swiss group APG|SGA AG in Europlakat International GmbH, becoming its sole owner. Europlakat’s economic and financial integration into the French group JCDecaux SA is carried out in accordance with the new relations in the ownership structure on the 1st July 2007.



Guided by the principle of implementing contemporary global achievements in outdoor advertising, Europlakat-Proreklam d.o.o. signs contracts with all the major cities in Croatia. Investing in modern systems of street furniture, bus and tram stop shelters with integrated citylight cases, the company offers both outdoor advertising and high-quality street furniture.


Europlakat International GmbH, wholly-owned by Gewista GmbH from Vienna, recapitalizes Proreklam d.o.o. which continues to operate as Europlakat-Proreklam d.o.o.


Founding of Proreklam d.o.o., founders are „Ankünder“ Steiermärkische Ankünigungs-Ges.M.b.H. from Graz and Mr. Edi Laura as a natural person.


Swiss group APG|SGA AG acquires 50% of Europlakat International GmbH from Vienna, placing so 90-years of Austrian and Swiss tradition, experience and knowledge of outdoor advertising at the disposal of its subsidiary in Croatia.

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