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The citylight advertising case is an integral part of the street furniture and it can be freestanding, advertising pillar or integrated in a bus and tram shelter. It is most suitable for advertising campaigns of exclusive consumer products and brands. It is located in frequent spots in shopping malls, pedestrian zones and the center of the city, i.e. close to passersby. Attractive design of the citylight advertising case is particularly notable during nighttime creating the atmosphere of a modern vibrant city.
Citylight advertising case is the ideal medium for creative and technically innovative campaigns and interaction with passersby.
Citylight advertising cases are installed in many cities in Croatia.

  • Citylight dimension are 1.185 m × 1.75 m.

Why a Citylight?

  • most visible to passersby
  • possibility of using innovative solutions and new technologies with access to electricity and Wi-Fi
  • located near retail outlets - POS and places of interest - POI (cafes, schools, theatres, etc.)
  • presence in the city center, distinct urban media

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