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Advertising and Shopping

Advertising and shopping are inextricably linked together so advertising at shopping malls is inevitable.
Shopping malls are attractive places for shopping, socializing and fun. Europlakat recognizes their need for modern advertising solutions.


With its innovative advertising solutions, such as AR and VR technology, by branding the CL advertising cases, Europlakat makes the shopping experience more interesting for consumers and contributes to faster purchasing decisions.


Proper positioning of the citylight cases at a shopping center, for example, next to an escalator, at the intersection of the corridors or in front of the chosen store is a prerequisite for good visibility of the advertised brand. Such a deliberate positioning of the advertising surface with innovative solutions contributes to increased sales of the advertised product.


Shopping malls have recognized Europlakat d.o.o. for such thoughtful business approach and the service quality it provides.
Europlakat d.o.o. fosters successful business relationships with its contractual shopping malls.

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