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The billboard is the most common type of advertising surface. It was designed for placing a simple paper poster to effectively communicate an advertising message. Its optimal application is found in advertising campaigns that promote new products or want to improve product recognition in general. The success of this advertising medium can be attributed to its simplicity and widespread use.
It is located along city roads, open roads, border crossings and other frequent locations. Billboard advertising surfaces can be illuminated or non-illuminated. Billboard lighting results in better poster perception and in terms of quality contributes to emphasize advertising messages.
Europlakat offers two types of billboards with different surface dimensions:  

  • Billboard dimensions 5.04 m × 2.38 m
  • ​Billboard dimensions 4 m × 3 m.

Why a Billboard?

  • affordability
  • optimal coverage throughout Croatia
  • visible to drivers and to consumers who make purchase decisions
  • possibility of combining two formats of advertising to achieve the best visibility

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