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Innovation Institute celebrated its 10th anniversary by gathering over 150 key people from the leading companies in the region at Hotel Westin Zagreb on 24th September 2018.
Innovation Institute is a non-profit organization aiming at value creation at individual and organizational levels, by nurturing creativity, innovation, unorthodox thinking and dogma questioning. Since its foundation, Innovation Institute has been a disruptive force developing and delivering programs that facilitate genuine intellectual and creative growth of its program participants thus enabling new value creation, as opposed to mere value dissemination.
On this occasion the Innovation Institute awarded certificates to the participants of the programs in 2017-2018 generation together with Innovation Institute’s council member prof. John Deighton from Harvard Business School
Europlakat d.o.o. recognized the value and potential of the Innovation Institute at their very beginning in 2008 and is still proud to support and promote their work. It was our honor to receive the certificate of the Innovation Institute.

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